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01 March, 2016
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Is your community interested in using shooting as part of an integrated program to control rabbits?

They have now removed over 1000 rabbits from the Longwood, Euroa, Gobur, Alexander and surrounding areas under our own ‘Feral Animal Control’ program using trained professional controllers backed by a 20 million dollar insurance policy at no cost  to property owners.

They pride themselves s on their professionalism in delivering long lasting results and our program in conjunction with other control methods, has been proven to have made a major difference in areas we are working:

“The Field Hunters Club has been assisting the Longwood East Landcare Group over the last couple of years in our effort to reduce the number of feral pests in the area. They have radically reduced the number of rabbits, foxes and cats on the properties where landowners have given them access. Kevin Lied Longwood East Landcare President”

Our process commences with the project co-ordinator meeting the property owners or manager to gaining an understanding of the problem, from there we create detailed maps of the property which clearly display property boundaries and exclusion zones. Once this step is complete then dates are set for the program that are mutually agreed to and a Project Lead is allocated to oversee all controllers who will be completing the required work, keeping in constant communication with the property owners or property manager at all times. The controllers are easily recognisable and only attend on the agreed dates after firstly contacting you to make sure everything is ok for attendance. At the end of the project dates the Leads complete a field report with dispatched numbers and this information is relayed back to the property owners or manager normally on the same day or shortly after.

Our ‘Feral Animal Control’ program currently covers an area greater than 65,000 acres in Victoria and is structured in such a way that ongoing support is offered on a regular basis and not just a few times a year, our controllers are proficient in shooting in close proximity to stock and abide by a strict rule set with safety briefings occurring before the commencement of any project and controllers who are eager to offer assistance. Some of our partners include Landcare and Conservation networks, and we are backed by the Sporting Shooters Association of Australia (S.S.A.A) with both written and verbal referrals can be provided on request.

We believe that together we can make a difference!

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