Interested in making a rabbit bait station?

09 June, 2016
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Interested in creating a bait station for rabbit control? Below is an excerpt from an article and video produced from Jarod Coote with Connecting Country.

There are lots of available options when it comes to controlling rabbits, and usually an integrated approach involving undertaking multiple methods concurrently is most effective. However, most of these techniques need specialist contractors and equipment. We find that an effective way for landholders to get started on their own is to use Pindone oats with bait stations. Pindone is used as a safer alternative to sodium fluoroacetate (1080), and can be improved further through the use of specially-designed bait stations.

These bait stations are made from 44 gallon (220litre) drums cut in half lengthways with 2 small entrances on either end. The drum covers a short furrow filled with Pindone oats, preventing birds, kangaroos, wallabies and livestock from accessing the oats. Connecting Country has recently developed a short instructional video about the establishment of Pindone Bait Stations:

Make a Rabbit Bait Station from Connecting Country on Vimeo.


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