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21 June, 2019
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Warren smoking demonstration.

Warren ripping demonstration.

In autumn this year at Neds Corner Station in the Mallee, VRAN held another of its ‘Leadership in Rabbit Control’ programs (a.k.a. the rabbit bootcamp) with the aim of developing the next generation of rabbit experts.

It brought together participants from the Mallee region and others from across the state, representing community groups, industry, and government agencies, to learn from VRAN’s A-team of mentors.

Here’s what some of our participants thought about the course:

“The course was purposeful, well-informed, well-organised and we benefited from everyone’s willingness to share their knowledge, skills and questions.”

“As someone working on the ground in the industry it was invaluable to hear from leaders who do rabbit control in the field. It was also great to hear from the experts who were able to inform us of legislation, policies, research etc. Great speakers, very knowledgeable”.

Participants at one of the many culturally significant sites at Neds Corner (all images supplied by Sean Mathews).

“The whole VRAN team really inspired me in the field of pest management as well as all the passionate people who attended the course. It opened up my eyes to the huge issue of rabbits in Australia and that we need to do something. Being taught by the best in rabbit control has put faith in myself that I will be able to share with others.”

In post-course feedback, 100% of our participants said they would recommend the course to others and begin to change the way they collaborate with other land managers on rabbits control.

The whole cohort are now invited to join a Learning Network, as a way of continuing to connect with each other and the mentors, and share their knowledge and experiences with rabbit management.

VRAN is planning additional rabbit bootcamps over 2019-20. Are you interested in attending a VRAN course?  Contact Heidi Kleinert ,VRAN Executive Officer

For more stunning photos of the course and Neds Corner landscape, and a full re-cap of the program visit this blog by participant Sean Mathews.

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