VRAN videos

Stories from the VRAN community: Our members speak about the impact of VRAN on their work, their communities and their organisations.

Reclaiming the rabbit problem with communities: leaders from community and government speak on how why community led action is so crucial for rabbit management.


VRAN publications

VRAN Impact Analysis: An evaluation of VRAN’s social, environmental and economic impacts, 2013-2017.

VRAN Formative Evaluation, 2014-16: Summary Report: An evaluation of the key outcomes and impacts of VRAN, 2014-2016.

Reclaiming the rabbit problem with Australia’s communities: A short booklet of testimonies and perspectives from participants involved in VRAN.

Victorian Rabbit Management Collaboration Initiative: A full report on the development of VRAN.


Community-led approaches for pest management

For more information on community-led approaches in pest management, visit the other Victorian Community Pest Management Group websites:

For further on-ground support and advice, visit the Victorian Landcare Gateway to find existing local groups working on rabbit management and other environmental issues.


Rabbit management guides and resources

PestSmart – European rabbit: Technical and background information on rabbit control.

Peri-urban rabbit control: Advice on integrated rabbit control methods for urban and semi-urban areas.

Rural rabbit control: Advice on integrated rabbit control methods for rural and natural landscapes.

Rabbit Scan: To record and view rabbit activity in your local area.

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