Course outline: Leadership in Rabbit Control

The Leadership in Rabbit Control course will be facilitated by the VRAN mentors who are recognised experts in rabbit management and community-led action. As a group, they provide expertise and insights from community, industry and government perspectives. They will be supported by co-facilitators with diverse experience in community engagement and invasive species management from around Australia, across a range of sectors and organisations.

Session 1: Leadership in Rabbit Control course (27-29 November 2018)

The Leadership in Rabbit Control Course is a mentor course that is delivered over 2.5 days, with classroom and practical field-based training. By the end of the course participants will understand the ecology and biology of rabbits, Victoria’s legislation framework and how to implement an integrated rabbit control program.

We will get our hands dirty by heading outside to experience integrated rabbit control demonstrations. We’ll also learn how to plan and implement monitoring programs to maximise the effectiveness of rabbit control. All participants will be able to attend an evening spotlight session.

We will also discuss considerations for working in sensitive cultural heritage landscapes, the importance of collaboration, community engagement and chat about why rabbit work is challenging.

In addition to the classroom and field session you get to network with a group of people that are on a similar journey to you and facing similar scenarios and issues. By participating in this course, you will enhance your existing networks and pest management resources.

We will challenge you to consider what you can do differently to help your community, and improve your rabbit control efforts.

Session 2:  OPTIONAL Learning Network session

You are welcome to join us at an optional Learning Network session. Participants will tell us where you want to meet and what you want to talk about. We will work with the group to design the session and plan a field trip.

This optional session(s) provides an opportunity to re-connect with your peers and mentors, share battle stories and motivate you for your upcoming summer-autumn rabbit control efforts. We can also re-cap on things discussed at the leadership course and clarify any questions you may have. Travel will be at your expense and we will pay for your meals and accommodation.

Find out more about Learning Networks.

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